Foot Reflexology

A wonderfully calming and relaxing treatment, working all the reflex points on your feet and giving special attention to the reflexes important to your health and wellbeing as per your treatment plan. All treatments include a luxurious hot towel cleanse and I use Irish made Flying Wild organic reflexology foot creams and balms which nourish and rehydrate the skin.


Reflexology is a fantastic complementary treatment and can be used to help with issues such as headaches, sciatica, sinusitis, insomnia, stress, anxiety and digestive problems as well as many other conditions. Your first treatment will last approx. 1 hour 15 minutes to allow a Consultation to take place so we can prepare a treatment plan specific to your needs. All other treatments will last approx. 1 hour.

Facial Reflexology (FRCC)

Face Reflexology Clooney Concept (FRCC) is a blend of Western and Eastern reflexology. This treatment is not only beneficial but also relaxing and soothing. FRCC is based on the same principles as classical foot reflexology. Reflex points on the feet are also reflected on your face and, just like your feet, are connected to every area of your body. It is a wonderful therapy, which works to improve your health and well-being by stimulating the body’s own innate healing systems and eliminating toxins.

‘Face Reflexology Clooney Concept’, can support you with stress related issues as I have found it to be one of the fastest treatments to get you to the healing space. It switches off the ‘fight and flight’ response and activates the ‘rest and digest’ response which calms the body down. As we are working very closely to the central nervous system and ‘mission control’ the response can be swift.

An FRCC treatment begins by opening up the vertical and horizontal zones of the face as we use our fingertips to apply gentle pressure to the different reflex zones and reflexology points on the face. As reflexologists we believe these points directly relate to areas of the body.

Facial reflexology encourages a healthy blood and lymph flow and stimulates collagen and elastin, therefore, helping your skin to rejuvenate and minimize the appearance of ageing lines. It is very slow and rhythmical, causing the sympathetic nervous system to engage.

The benefits of FRCC are:

Can help support sinuses issues

Can reduced muscle tension

Can reduce stress & anxiety

Can result in healthier skin.

Can help with pain relief

Can improve sleep

Can help to generate greater energy

Can help to improve immune deficiencies

Can help to improved mood

Can help support headache relief

Pregnancy Reflexology

Pregnancy is a beautiful time in a woman’s life, a time to cherish and embrace. As the baby develops and grows this can put a strain on the mothers ever changing body. During pregnancy, your body goes through significant physical changes which affect the emotional, hormonal and physiological balance of the body.

Reflexology helps to bring a natural state of relaxation and balance in the body which helps to reduce and alleviate the many symptoms during pregnancy. It is a very relaxing treatment which has many benefits throughout the pregnancy journey.

Pregnancy Reflexology can help with:

Nausea, morning sickness & Hyperemesis Gravidarum

Oedema – water retention, swollen hands & feet

Backache & sciatica

Reduce stress and anxiety

Boost energy levels

Digestive problems – constipation, heartburn, etc

Pelvic girdle pain (formerly known as symphysis pubis pain)

Insomnia & sleep problems


Reflexology can help support natural childbirth as studies suggested that many women found having regular reflexology treatments throughout their pregnancy helped reduce time in labour and need for medical intervention.

Reflexology can not do any harm to mother and baby, but can help to normalise, relax and balance all the functions of the body.

Reflexology for Menopause

Menopause effects all women in different ways. Reflexology is a wonderful therapy for aiding our journey through perimenopause and menopause. Symptoms can be debilitating such as hot flushes, night sweats, headaches, mood changes, brain fog, sudden weight gain to name just a few.


Reflexology has been found to be very effective in helping both the physical and emotional symptoms of menopause. Reflexology at this important time of a woman’s life will help to regulate the peripheral nervous system. It can also make some of these changes more bearable and relieve the stress and tension that can cause so many side effects.


Menopause can be a time for transformation and regeneration for many women and supporting your journey with reflexology will help bring your hormones back into balance while also helping to relieve stress and restore harmony in the mind and body.

Reflexology for Cancer Care

Reflexology is one of the more popular non-invasive complementary treatments. A very gentle, supportive and relaxing treatment for people who have had cancer or are currently living with cancer. Apart from giving valuable “me-time” in a non-medical environment reflexology has shown to help with many of the side effects of cancer treatments with benefits that may:

Relieve nausea

Reduce anxiety

Reduce pain

Improve sleep

Help with constipation

Lift mood and give a feeling of wellbeing

Cancer care reflexology ensures that the treatment can be adapted and tailored to suit individual needs both in terms of the pressure techniques applied and the length of the treatment session.

HOPI Ear Candling

Also known as Thermo Auricular Therapy, Hopi ear candling is a wonderfully relaxing and beneficial treatment. I can help with many conditions and problems associated with the ear, nose throat, eyes and entire head area. Hopi ear candling is a non-invasive treatment.

Ear candling involves inserting a long cylindrical candle into the ear and lighting it on the other end. Heat produced from the candle helps to draw out excess ear wax and debris which may be present in the ear canal. The ear candling is followed by facial cupping of the lymphatic area around the face, neck and sinus areas to relax and aid drainage. This will help clear excess wastes and fluids, improve the immune system and clear and smooth the skin.

Conditions that Hopi Ear Candles can help with:

Compacted Ear Wax



Sore Throats



Tinnitus & Noises / Ringing in the Ears

Calming and Relaxing in cases of Anxiety and Stress

Glue Ear



Hay Fever


Regulation of Pressure in Ears & Head (after flying)

Stimulation of Blood & Energy Flow, Lymphatic System & Metabolic Rate


This therapy is not suitable for people that have had recent ear surgery, or for those with ear grommets or perforated ear drums. Also, if the client has any inflammation to the ear or infections.

Cancellation Policy

Appointments are booked for you at a time that is mutually agreed. I understand that it is sometimes necessary to cancel or reschedule your appointment.

I kindly ask that you can give me a minimum 24 hours notice if you are unable to make a previously arranged appointment as this will allow me the option to rebook the time slot with someone else.

If you cancel your appointment with less than 24 hours notice you will incur a charge of 50% of your treatment cost. If you do not show up for your appointment you will be asked to pay the full treatment cost. Discretion will be used for emergencies. By booking an appointment at Sole to Soul Therapies by Pam you agree to this cancellation policy.

Please note that if you are late for your appointment the session may still end at the pre-agreed time and full payment will be required.

Get in touch

Please contact me if you would like to have a chat about any of the treatments I offer, or to ask about booking an appointment. Alternatively, you can call me on +353 85 250 9959.

All enquires are usually answered within 24 hours, and all contact is strictly confidential and uses secure phone and email services. You can view my cancellation policy here.

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